Kampung Mukut Tioman Island Day 1

We couldn’t let another long weekend pass us by without going out of Singapore again so we decided that for the Good Friday holiday we will be going to Malaysia again. Mark has not been to Tioman Island so it would be great to have him and Zeus experience this awesome island. Our friend, Dane, referred us to their contact in Kampung Mukut and she gave an awesome feedback about her group’s stay there. We decided to give it a go too.

We were 9 adults with 2 babies that are less than 2 years old. I thought it would be hard to do a DIY trip with this many so we settled for the package stay offered by Sri Sentosa. This did not disappoint. It was grand to say the least.

We paid SGD 235 per head for this tour of 3D2N. What was included in the package?
1. Transfer from SG to Mersing
2. Transfer/ Ferry ticket from Mersing to Tioman Island
3. Transfer from Tioman Island (Kampung Genting) to Kampung Mukut
4. Main meals from Dinner of the first day to breakfast of the last day
5. BBQ seafood dinner on 2nd night

What was excluded?
1.Snorkeling Equipment
2. Entrance fees to Marine Park etc
3.Duty free products you might want to buy etc

Having had the experience of a busy immigration going inside Malaysia from SG in Woodlands, we opted to travel on Saturday (after the first day of the holiday) and come back to Singapore on Monday. This was the best decision we did on this trip. We heard from the lads in our resort that their coming to Tioman was a tiring trip from Singapore when they left on a Friday.

We encountered a hiccup after finishing Malaysian immigration. Our hired van would not start. Luckily, Mr. Driver managed to get a replacement van for us and we were all set again to Mersing. Took around 2 hrs plus to get to the jetty after Johor Bahru Immigration. Since our pickup time from Singapore was 530 AM, we actually dosed off during the ride to Mersing. Including the babies… knockout!Β πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

We met our guide to Sri Sentosa in Mersing. We had breakfast and had our passports checked by the ferry company and then we waited for the ferry boarding time.

We left Mersing at around 11am. The trip was about more than an hour and a half long. Again, we dosed this off. Same goes for our babies.

Once we reached Kampung Genting in Tioman Island, we forgot to ask where we can buy booze and other stuff first before going to Kampung Mukut. We went straight to riding the speed boat towards Kampung Mukut. Maybe we were tired of the travel or just plainly sleepy still that we forgot about that part.

No lifejacket provided here so hang on to your babies and your luggage haha. Then alas, we are in Kampung Mukut.

See those dragon horns in the pic above? If you read every blog out there about Kampung Mukut, you’d read this a hundred times. Okay, maybe not a hundred. A lot of times I would reckon. And if you think that you will be here for the sandy beach, this will get you disappointed.

Now you see, Kampung Mukut is a fishing village. This side of the island would promise you fish and all that the sea can offer. You will mainly see rocks in Sri Sentosa’s beach. But this comes with Corals too. Just in Sri Sentosa alone, you can actually do snorkeling and be okay with it. Plus with the price we paid, we are happy to support the village people’s way of generating income.

On a happier note, the high tide is lovelier than the pic above.

We arrived around 2pm. So we were pretty much hungry and tired from that long trip. There’s one restaurant in this zone that serves good food. It’s a restaurant on stilts named Ocean Cafe. We strongly recommend their burgers. Our hosts actually offered to cook lunch for us at a certain fee so that we can relax a bit. I guess from our faces then, we really looked beat.

We checked in at Sri Sentosa and get to relax. Rooms were spacious. The resort provides towels and soap. So you need to bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner. They can lend you kettles too in your room.

Once we were settled, we tried exploring the area. There’s a nice shoreline just about 10 minutes from the resort. Warning though, the trek is a trail that consists of climbing uphill and downhill. Tedious when carrying a baby but simply perfect for us to unwind and enjoy the beach.

We went back to the resort to prepare for dinner. We were expecting a mediocre dinner but we were very much in love with this sambal flower crab and grouper. hahahaha And yes, this is part of our package!

We retired early because we know we have a long second day ahead of us. The place is so peaceful we were comfy enough in our huts.

See you in my next post for day 2

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